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7 Best West Oahu Beaches

If you’re looking for the absolute best West Oahu Beaches – then you’ve come to the right place. We put together the most beautiful beaches on the west side of Oahu to make it easy for you.

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Let’s get into the 7 Best West Oahu Beaches!


7 Best West Oahu Beaches

Electric Beach

Electric Beach - 7 Best West Oahu Beaches
Electric Beach (Official name: Kahe Point Beach Park) is a well-known place to snorkel on the west side. It attracts a lot of fish and sea life due to the warmer water – which is caused due to the power point across the street which outflows clean warm water. I would recommend coming here with someone who has snorkeled here before because it can get a little harsh at times.


Nanakuli Beach Park

Nanakuli Beach Park's Mermaid Cave - 7 Best West Oahu Beaches
Nanakuli Beach Park is most popular for its beautiful Mermaid Caves, which is shown above. When you get here, you will realize why it’s so popular – something just feels special about this place. It can potentially be dangerous at times due to swells that can fill up the cave.


Makaha Beach Park

Makaha Beach Park - 7 Best West Oahu Beaches
Makaha Beach Park is located in Waianae, only a few minutes from Papaoneone Beach which we go over later in this article. With its beautiful white sand and vibrant blue waters, you will quickly realize how beautiful and peaceful this beach truly is. It is well-known for both surfing and snorkeling! The parking lot is pretty big and doesn’t tend to get that crowded.


Makua Beach

The beautiful Makua Beach - 7 Best West Oahu Beaches
Located on the West side of Oahu, Makua Beach is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful on this side of the island. Right next to this beach is the beautiful Makua Cave, which we ranked number 5 on the best hikes on Oahu, which you can read more about by clicking here. This beach is also very well-known for encountering dolphins.


Yokohama Bay (Keawaula Beach)

Yokohama Bay - 7 Best West Oahu Beaches

Yokohama Bay is the most western beach on the island and is well-known for surfing and bodyboarding. The beautiful mountains in the background combined with the beautiful white sands and vibrant blue waters are what makes this beach so perfect to visit. The waves can get pretty big – especially during winter months, so swimming is probably not an option.


Papaoneone Beach

Papaoneone Beach from above - 7 Best West Oahu Beaches
Papaoneone Beach (also known as Turtle Beach) is a hidden gem on the West side of Oahu. It is a nice and quiet beach that is really nice for sunbathing and snorkeling at. Driving along the west coast – you might miss this beach because it’s not entirely visible from the road. The only issue with this beach is a lack of shade – so bring plenty of sunscreen, and if you can, a beach umbrella


Koolina Resort Lagoon

The Beautiful Ko'Olina Resort Lagoon during sunset - 7 Best West Oahu Beaches
If you’re looking for the ultimate place to lay down and relax on the west side of Oahu – the Ko’olina Lagoons are the place to be. It can get pretty crowded on the weekends, so we recommend coming earlier in the day.



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