Welcome to Honolulu.

Honolulu is the heart of Oahu and is the perfect starting point for your adventures. Honolulu is located next to some of the most awesome things to do on Oahu – and is only half an hour away from the Windward Coast. This is the place to be to experience Oahu’s nightlife. 

Must-do’s in Honolulu

1. Visit Tantalus Lookout

Tantalus Lookout is an incredible scenic point with incredible views of the entire Honolulu, Manoa, Diamondhead, and even some of West Oahu. It is an incredible spot to have a picnic and watch the sunset.


2. Experience Manoa Falls

The hike to the Manoa falls is one to remember. It is one of the most interesting forest types of atmospheres on the island that makes it so different from other hikes on the island. The waterfall tends to be quite small whenever I hike to the falls, so I would recommend visiting Manoa falls after heavy rainfall. Click here to see more hikes on Oahu


3. Jump at China Walls

This is the perfect place for adrenaline junkies. Cliff jumping off China Walls, or even just watching people can make for a great day!


4. Endure the  Pali Notches

Hiking the Pali Notches is for the extreme adventurers. With strong winds blowing from all directions and walking on a ridge that gets as narrow as 2-3 feet – this hike is no joke. It is one of the most dangerous hikes on the island and is only recommended for experienced hikers. Please make sure to research this hike plenty before taking it on. Click here to see more hikes on Oahu


5. Hike to the Lulumahu Falls

One of our favorite waterfall hikes on the island. We recommend this hike over Manoa falls for the fact that the waterfall is nicer and it’s not as well-known/crowded. If you’re thinking of hiking to see a waterfall – this is the one to do!



6. Watch the Friday night fireworks show at the Hilton

Every Friday night at 7:45 pm, the Hilton lights up the city with the most beautiful fireworks show that you cannot miss.


7. Hanauma Bay Rim Trail

The Hanauma Bay Rim Trail is a 3.6-mile loop trail located at the Hanauma Bay Nature Reserve Park. We would rate the difficulty of this hike moderate. It’s absolutely beautiful during sunrise. Click here to see more hikes on Oahu.


8. Snorkel at Hanauma Bay

After hiking the Hanauma Bay Rim Trail – we recommend snorkeling at Hanauma Bay to cool off. Snorkeling at the beautiful Hanauma Bay is something you absolutely cannot miss out on. It is one of the most popular and well-known places to snorkel at on the entire island.


9. Endure the Kokohead Crater Hike

The Kokohead Crater hike is an intense and steep trail that leads to an old military pillbox. It consists of 1,048 steps and is a 1.8 mile out and back trail. The views here are incredible during sunrise. Click here to read about the best hikes on Oahu.