Oahu,  Windward Coast

Lanikai Beach Oahu, Hawaii

Lanikai Beach is one of the most relaxing and special beaches on Oahu. It is a very popular beach – but for a good reason. Laying on the soft, golden sands of Lanikai beach is the perfect way to take the day off and relax. The vibrant blue waters soothe’s the soul and refreshes the mind.


Things to do at/near Lanikai Beach

1. Kayak to the Mokuleia Islands: A definite must. Extremely fun to do with good friends on a clear day.

2. Bike around: Biking around Lanikai is really relaxing and gives a raw vibe of Hawaii.

3. Grab a bite to eat at nearby popular spots:

  • Bob’s Pizzeria: Very popular pizza place to eat in Kailua. Located only a few minutes from Kailua Beach Park.
  • Kalapawai Market: Located across the street from Bob’s Pizzeria. Small little deli place with delicious food and snacks.
  • Buzz’s Original Steakhouse: A great restaurant right across the street from Kailua Beach Park. As quoted from their website: “Laid-back steakhouse presents a surf ‘n’ turf menu & drinks in a tiki hut-style space.”

4. Hike the Lanikai Pillboxes: The Lanikai Pillboxes are an extremely popular hike to old military bunkers. The views during sunrise are phenomenal and cannot be beaten for how quick the hike is. After hiking, you can’t go wrong with walking on over to Lanikai Beach and relax!


The Views from Lanikai Pillboxes - Lanikai Beach Oahu, Hawaii Article

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