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Hike to Maunawili Falls Oahu, Hawaii

A beautiful 3-mile out-and-back trail. Maunawili Falls is pure magic – and definitely one of the most magical waterfalls on the island.

Maunawili Falls is a beautiful 3-mile out-and-back trail. It has recently become one of my favorite waterfall hike on the island. The entire hike was fun and muddy which made for an unforgettable experience. As we approached the waterfall, we noticed something really special. The sun was moving right atop of us which left the whole waterfall with the most beautiful sunbeams and dreamy feel. It felt like a something from a movie and an experience I couldn’t recommend enough. Something that makes this hike so special is also the fact that there is not only the second waterfall only a minute away that can be accessed by climbing up top the first one, but there is two awesome cliff jumping spots. The first is roughly 10 feet and the second comes out to roughly 20-25 feet.

Visiting Maunawili Falls is a definite must if you are in the area – and is a hike you will not regret.



Difficulty: Beginner

Length: 3-mile out-and-back

Total Time: 2 hours

What you should pack

  • water
  • shoes (that you don’t mind trashing)
  • insect repellent (seriously – we got so many mosquito bites)
  • camera (to capture those beautiful moments)

The Hike to Maunawili Falls Oahu, Hawaii

Start of the hike - Maunawili Falls Oahu Hawaii

The start of the trail. Off to a great start with the beautiful greenery.

Amazing views - Maunawili Falls Oahu Hawaii

So far the hike has been nothing short of beautiful – it ceases to amaze me.

Views of the stunning Koolau Mountain Range - Maunawili Falls Oahu Hawaii

Stunning views of the Koolau Mountain Range. Maunawili Falls is approximately 10 minutes from here.

Approaching the beautiful Maunawili Falls Oahu Hawaii

As we approached the falls – we noticed something really special about this visit to Mauawili Falls…

Beautiful glow - Maunawili Falls Oahu Hawaii

The sun peaked over the opening to the waterfall and left the entire place with the most beautiful glow I have ever seen. It truly was something indescribable – something you need to experience in person to truly understand.


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