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7 Awesome Things to Do in Kailua, Hawaii

With one of the most popular beaches to relax on (Lanikai Beach), Kailua is a neat little city with a really special feeling to it. Let’s get into 7 awesome things to do in Kailua, Hawaii.

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7 Awesome Things to Do in Kailua, Hawaii

1. Experience the beauty of Lanikai Beach

Watch a sunrise at Lanikai Beach - Best Things to Do on East Oahu
With its soft, golden sand and vibrant blue waters, Lanikai beach just feels perfect – when you get there you’ll know what I mean. Everything about this place just makes it the absolute best place to relax: from the perfectly soft sand, cool waters, and overall vibes. You cannot miss Lanikai Beach when visiting the Kailua. Click here to read about the 15 Best Beaches on Oahu.


2. Hike the Lanikai Pillboxes

Lanikai Pillbox Viewpoint - #15 on the 15 Best Hikes on Oahu

Being one of the most visited hikes out of all the previous listed – Lanikai pillbox is a solid choice if you’re looking for a quick and easy hike for a beautiful view. Parking can get pretty tight on the weekend so make sure to plan for that.


3. Visit Waimanalo Beach Park

The beautiful and relaxing Waimanalo Beach Park - Best Things to Do on East Oahu
Waimanalo Beach Park is a great alternative to Lanikai Beach if parking is full. Being only typically 20 minutes away from Lanikai, and right next to Hālona Blowhole and Cockroach Cove, make’s this beach very practical if you’re trying to visit as much of Oahu as possible. Click here to check out the 15 Best Beaches on Oahu.


4. Hike to the magical Maunawili Falls

Magical Maunawili Falls - #9 on the 15 Best Hikes on Oahu

Maunawili Falls is one of the most magical waterfalls on the island. It tends to get extremely muddy and it’s no doubt you might slip so make sure to wear shoes that you don’t care for. Roughly half-way through the hike, you will be rewarded with a beautiful view of Kailua.

Most that visit here jumps off the top part of the waterfall – which is roughly a 15-25 foot drop. Beside the waterfall is an even higher point to jump off which adds around 10 feet more in height.

If you’re looking for our full guide on hiking to Maunawili Falls, then click here.


5. Grab Pizza at Bob’s Pizza

Located 5 minutes away from Lanikai Beach, Bob’s Pizza a small little pizza place – and is one of my favorite places to grab a slice of pizza on the island.


6. Bike around Lanikai

Lanikai is the perfect place to bike around and relax with some good company. Have fun biking to Lanikai Beach or around the awesome Kailua Town.


7. Kayak to the Mokes

Kayak out to the mokes - Best Things to Do on East Oahu
The Mokes (Official name: Mokuleia Islands) are two small islands located off the coast of Lanikai Beach. The bigger island, Moko Nui, is the popular island to Kayak to.