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5 Fun Things to Do In Kaneohe, Hawaii

Kaneohe, Hawaii features some of the most beautiful, lush green landscapes Oahu has to offer. Not only does it have some of the best landscapes, but also some of the best hikes.

Kaneohe, Hawaii has some of the best hikes on the entirety of Oahu and is a part of the island you have to visit if you’re one for adventures. With so much to do, it was hard to narrow down the list to only 5 things. We hope you enjoy having a look into one of the most beautiful and lush parts of Oahu.


5 Fun Things to Do In Kaneohe, Hawaii

Kaneohe has something so special and unique that I can’t describe. It’s one of the most beautiful parts of the island and features breathtaking views of the vast Koolau Mountain Range. Let’s get into the 5 best things to do in Kaneohe, Hawaii.


1. Visit the Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden

Visit the Ho'omaluhia Botanical Garden - things to do in kaneohe hawaii

Ho’omaluhia Botanical Garden is so beautiful and something you cannot miss when visiting the city of Kaneohe. It is becoming very popular and trendy on Instagram so bring a camera and get ready for a sight!


2. Visit the Pali Lookout

Visit the Pali Lookout - things to do in kaneohe hawaii

The Pali Lookout is an awesome viewpoint right off the Pali and gives beautiful views of the east coast of Oahu – primarily Kaneohe and Kailua. There are some awesome hikes located here as well which we will go over below.

Pali Notches: There’s a reason why this hike is #2 on our 15 best hikes on Oahu. It is one of the most intense hikes on the island and is only is for the extreme adventurers. With strong winds blowing from all directions and walking on a ridge that gets as narrow as 2-3 feet, this hike is no joke. It is one of the most dangerous hikes on the island and is only recommended for experienced hikers. Please make sure to research this hike plenty before taking it on.

Pali Puka: Located on the left side of the parking lot at the Pali Lookout, Pali Puka features some awesome views of the east coast of Oahu – and from a unique perspective. Views of the Pali Puka is beautiful during both sunrise and sunset.

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3. Hike the Stairway to Heaven (A.K.A Haiku Stairs)

Hike the Stairway to heaven aka Haiku Stairs - things to do in kaneohe hawaii
Hiking the Stairway to Heaven for sunrise was one of the most rewarding, yet the scariest experience of my life. Starting off the hike by sneaking past a guard before dawn and hiking in the pitch black to be greeted by a long staircase of nearly 4,000 steps. With both unsteady and slippery railings and steps, you get a feeling of unease. At some points, the stairs go completely vertical and you’re left gripping on for dear life as the strong wind blows from all directions. Reaching the very top takes lots of perseverance as there are checkpoints along the way that makes you question continuing. As the sun rose, the sky cleared up and left us with the most beautiful glow and sunrise we’ve ever seen. It’s no question why so few have the courage to take on this hike.

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4. Visit the Valley of the Temples

Valley of the temple - things to do in kaneohe hawaii

The Valley of the temples is a Buddhist temple located in Kaneohe and the overall feel of this place is really unique. General admission is $4 and for children, admission is $2. It is a solemn, religious area. Make sure to be quiet and respectful when visiting and remove your shoes before entering the Byodo-In Temple.


5. Visit Kailua

Visit Kailua - things to do in kaneohe hawaii

Visiting Kaneohe’s neighbor, Kailua is a no-brainer. It is only a little over 15 minutes away and has so many incredible things to do! Click here for 7 Awesome Things to Do in Kailua.


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