North Shore,  Oahu

5 Awesome Things to Do at Waimea Bay Beach Park

Waimea Bay Beach Park is one of the most lively beaches on the island. There are always people playing football or soccer and having a good time.

If you’re trying to jump off the famous Waimea bay rock, which is 23 feet tall, we recommend going during summer months. During summer months, waves are much more mellow – while during winter months, waves can reach up to 30-40 feet high, which is a good time to sit back and watch the pros. Don’t expect to swim during the winter months. At Waimea Bay Beach Park, there is also a 26-foot rock wall that people can climb year round.

Note: Parking tends to get filled very quickly – so make sure to come here early or you might be in for a walk.

Header photo shot by Cobian Dewey (@cobiandewey)


1. Snorkel

Waimea Bay Beach Park is a beautiful place to snorkel at. Underneath the 23-foot cliff jumping rock are tunnels that you can swim through and explore. Few know about it – but it is something you absolutely cannot miss when visiting Waimea Bay. Grab some friends, throw on your snorkeling masks and go out and explore Waimea Bay. Turtles and other fish are also commonly here.


2. Jump off the famous Waimea Bay Rock

As you walk along the beach, you will notice people jumping off this giant rock. It is 7 meters – or 23 feet in height. It’s one of the most famous cliff jumping spots on the island and is a definite must when visiting Waimea Bay Beach Park. During summer months, the rock is jumped at least hundreds of times in a single day. The thrill and excitement you get here are so special and unique which makes jumping off the Waimea Bay rock something that you truly cannot miss out on.

Note: Always make sure to check the depth before jumping.


3. Rockclimbing

Chalk up your hands and put on your climbing shoes.

Along Waimea Bay Beach Park is a giant 26-foot tall wall that people can rock climb year round. If you’re a beginner – this is a great spot to start. A crash pad is not required because the sand provides sufficient protection. Make sure to check the sand for any hidden objects or rocks before climbing to ensure a safe landing.


4. Surf during the winter season (or watch)

During the winter season, professionals from all around gravitate towards the North Shore of Oahu to compete in surf competitions and to surf the giant waves. If you’re looking for the beach that surf competitions tend to be held at – visit Sunset Beach, which is home to the World Cup of Surfing competition and some other big surf competitions. During these winter months, waves can reach up to 25-40 feet high, which is a good time to sit back and watch the pros. Do not expect to swim during the winter months.

Waimea Bay River Surfing

After heavy rainfall during the winter season, the river that is separated from the bay by sand can get overflown. Locals dig trenches and carve in natural wave pools that sends water flow back to the ocean. It’s not very often, but if it happens, be in for a ride – but make sure to come early because lines get long.


5. Enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets

Sitting down and enjoying a sunset after a long day at Waimea is a must. Watching the glowing sun meet the horizon and leave the sky on fire is something so magical at Waimea that you have to experience yourself. Grab some friends, lay back and enjoy the show.


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