West Oahu

Welcome to West Oahu.

West Oahu has some of the most unique mountain-landscapes and beaches. This side of the island has some incredible snorkeling and is considered the leeward side of the island – so it is much drier in comparison to the North Shore or the Windward side.

Must-do’s on West Oahu

1. Snorkel at Electric Beach

Electric Beach (Official name: Kahe Point Beach Park) is a well-known place to snorkel on the west side. It attracts a lot of fish and sea life due to the warmer water – which is caused due to the power point across the street which outflows clean warm water. I would recommend coming here with someone who has snorkeled here before because it can get a little harsh at times.


2. Relax at the Ko’olina Resort

If you’re looking for the ultimate place to lay down and relax on the west side of Oahu – the Ko’olina Lagoons are the place to be. It can get pretty crowded on the weekends, so we recommend coming earlier in the day.


3. Explore Mermaid Caves

Located at Nanakuli Beach Park is the beautiful Mermaid Caves. It is the perfect picturesque place and feels so magical when the sun peaks in the cave. It can potentially be dangerous at times due to swells that can fill up the cave.


4. Hike the Makua Cave for sunset

Climbing up this steep mountain up to a cave to reveal this incredible view of the west side of Oahu is something I can’t recommend enough. Since Makua Cave is located on the Leeward side of Oahu (the dry side), we recommend visiting the Makua Cave after heavy rainfall so the whole view is much more vibrant.


5. Hike Pu’u’ohulu Kai (Pink Pillboxes)

Maili Pillboxes (or Pu’u’ohulu Kai) is a short 1.5-mile hike; It takes a little over an hour to complete. Although short, it can get very hot on this side of the island so bring lots of water. If you’re trying to get the best view possible, then we recommend hiking the Maili Pillboxes during sunset.


6. Hike to the top of Mount Lahilahi

Located in Makaha, Mount Lahilahi is a short and easy, yet stunning hike. It includes a little bit of rock climbing, but nothing a beginner can’t do. It took us roughly 20 minutes to get to the top and about the same to get back down. We aren’t the most avid hikers and we barely broke a sweat.


7. Cliff Jump at Waimano Falls

This is an awesome spot for cliff jumping – with a jump of approximately 20 feet. A short, yet rewarding hike. The waterfall features a rope swing to jump off of. If you’re looking to have fun with friends and let loose, Waimano Falls is a perfect choice.